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Press release #5
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Italtherm aims at the environment

La - TUTTOGREEN dedicates an article to our Firm.

The Phoenix. This is a word that could describe the adventure of Italtherm, a Firm based in Piacenza and operating in the high energy efficiency heating field. The story started in year 1970, when Paolo Mazzoni founded his first business for the production of  gas appliances for domestic heating. In year 2007, when Mr. Mazzoni decided to sell the Firm to a multinational corporation, seeing the “opportunity of a competitive advantage coming from a bigger presence on export markets”, there were about 240 employees. Actually, this operation  led to the closure of the production site, because in year 2010 the new property decided to relocate production abroad.

However, among the employees, there were some who didn’t accept to stop. this “old” staff didn’t want to lose his experience and knowledge and contacted the previous owner, Paolo Mazzoni, who decided to take on this new challenge. «In a very short period, within February 2011 – explains Paolo Mazzoni – we found Italtherm. Same people in a new site, completely empty and to be built, but we a clear goal in mind: to create appliances for domestic heating, developing new innovative technologies and more efficient and less polluting products.

The first site in Piacenza - Via G.Orsi

The first site in Piacenza - Via G.Orsi

After twelve months spent to redesign products, to install assembly lines and to realize a products range, we started our concrete business activity in year 2012». The trend was positive, above expectations and at the end of the year more than 60 workers of the previous Firm were employed by Italtherm.  «In year 2013, this positive trend continued and we needed to enlarge our production site to satisfy our customers’ requests.  In September Italtherm moved to its new production site that, irony of fate – underlines the President – was the historical site of the old Firm that was closed two years before».

Today's site in Pontenure (PC)

Today's site in Pontenure (PC)

Paolo Mazzoni explains his choice to create eco-friendly products: «Green economy is an opportunity that we must take. We produce gas for domestic heating: we want to  make our part to build a better future, more respectful of environment. Therefore, it is our intention to work for a cleaner and more efficient heating, that could be also cheaper for families, given that energy saving means also costs saving. This is our vision and strategy, including a Firm policy oriented towards products innovation and  able to create heating systems that could match efficiency and user-friendliness».

However Italtherm’s vision must cope with today’s reality.  But what are the difficulties that a Firm of the green economy must face today in Italy? According to Paolo Mazzoni’s  opinion  «the main problem comes from a very difficult social-economic situation, responsible of a market contraction, more and more oriented towards low-cost products, in contrast with the proposal of more technological and advanced solutions. This – says finally Italtherm’s President – requires a big effort to Firms to make aware their customers of the advantages that these products could offer: a sensible consumptions reduction, environment safe-guard and bigger comfort».

Giuseppe Iasparra La - TUTTOGREEN
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