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Paolo Mazzoni

The ital-company resists and becomes «eco»:

"Italtherm reborn as «green» company to oppose offshoring" dedicates a detailed article to our company

An old owner recontacted by his former employees, a company rising from its ashes, while thousands of companies are closed due to economic crisis or acquired by foreign multinational companies that relocate production where labor is cheaper: this is the history of Paolo Mazzoni, a businessman from Piacenza, and of his modern creature, Italtherm, a company specialized in eco-friendly heating systems and rising from its ashes as the  phoenix “to give back jobs to skilled people and not to  waste professional assets”.

FROM THE SEVENTIES - In his professional history, Paolo Mazzoni has always dealt with gas boilers, or better, with gas appliances for domestic heating. He started in 1970 with the first artisan company. At the beginning there were two employees only, but in the further years their number increased up to 240 people. These were not the times of “green” consciousness yet, but the attention for technology was really high and the results spoke out: the turnover was about 90 million euros a year.

IN OTHER HANDS - In 2007, a year before the world economic crisis, Mazzoni decided to leave his creature to a bigger group, a German multinational company, believing that this would have create new prospects for his ex-employees: new markets and the integration in a big group. But these processes often lead to restructurings and sacrifices. And if this happens at the beginning of the biggest economic crisis after the one of 1929, the consequences can be dramatic: first workers on redundancy schemes, cutting half of the employees and then, in three years’ time, the new property decided to stop production and to close Piacenza production site, to relocate abroad.

THE RETURN - We are at the end of year 2010 and, in the meanwhile,  Mazzoni engaged himself in new activities and in the creation of new companies. But those 40 years spent to build a company cannot be forgotten. «I considered that company as my own creature, I contributed to its development. My old team of employees, grown under my wing, asked me to get back in the game, to avoid the risk of wasting the valuable know-howestablished in  all their years of activity. That was not my intention, but finally I made a choice more with heart than mind and I said: Ok, let’s start anew”.

Easy Solar 150THE REBIRTH - Italtherm was established in a very short period, in February 2011. Same people, but new site, completely empty and to be build, but with a clear goal: creation and production of gas appliances for domestic heating, developing new and more innovative technologies to make more efficient and less polluting products. Mazzoni sees this choice as essential, motivated by the current trend.

If the private citizen can sometimes be not yet so conscientious about environmental issues, when the customer is a company, the attention is inevitably paid to the appliance consumptions. Thereof originates our slogan: green heating technology. Beside gas boilers, our company presents a range of innovative products, such as Easy Solar 150, a thermal solar panel that does not even need the electrical energy usually necessary for water circulation, being produced by the sun.

THE FIRST YEAR - After almost 12 months spent to redesign the products, to rebuild assembly lines and to realize the products range, 2012 was for Italtherm  the first year of real activity. The trend was positive, above expectations, and at the end of the year the employees reinstated from previous company were more than sixty. «In the meantime, of the 240 people I left in year 2007  to the multinational company, less than their half was still employed. In 2011, when the company was definitely closed, there were about 100 people. We have already employed the most of them and I hope to gradually employ the remaining ones”.

THE PHILOSOPHY - «Foreign companies which prefer to work in markets with cheaper costs, debase and throw away the local great technologies. A company is made of people, not only of walls, machines or assembly lines. And the people who work here, live here…they don’t want to go working in Slovakia or in Turkey, where multinational companies relocate factories. That’s how a great value is wasted”.

link to the original article on Ambiente (Italian)



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