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Italtherm's formula for the Global Challenge
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Italtherm's sales manager, Pietro GiannottaOn the one hand we have tradition and quality, on the other, a gaze directed towards the future, and products that are more environmentally friendly and higher-performance. These are the characteristic traits of the Piacenza based boiler manufacturer Italtherm according to sales manager Pietro Giannotta.

Italtherm is still young as an enterprise, having been founded in 2011, but it carries a wealth of knowledge and client contacts built up over the years by a multinational before giving them away. Around 60 of the 250 employees that had previously worked for the company decided to take a considerable risk and take the plunge, to try and pick up from where they had left off. The sales manager explained to us how this can be achieved by trying to take the best from past experiences, and what values inspire them.

Mr. Giannotta, what makes a young company like yours grow?

It was certainly very important for us to bring a batch of clients with us from the old company. The relationship of trust we built up over the years meant that many people asked us to continue supplying high quality products, and that’s what happened. This is especially true for foreign clients: around 60% of our turnover actually comes from abroad, also because in many places, particularly Eastern Europe, the ‘Italianness’ of a brand gives it a considerable appeal. Our name, Italtherm, refers to Italy and the company logo also contains the colours of the Italian flag.

In which foreign markets do you feel strongest?

Definitely those in Eastern Europe, where we are very strong and respected, then Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, China and also Iran. These are all countries we previously worked with and in which we have continued to operate because the clients themselves asked us to by virtue of their personal relationship of trust with us, which was never broken off.

And which markets could prove to be a major challenge in the future?

One market I would definitely like to crack is the United States. It seems to me that the American market is looking for products that are scaled down and more environmentally friendly with better performance that can help cut down consumption, which is no small thing in these times of crisis. That is exactly what we are capable of offering. The example that comes to mind when I think of Italian companies that have broken into the American market it can be none other than Fiat with the 500.

Which of your products represents you best?

Our “Time” boiler is a highly evolved technical product associated with easy solar technology, which is basically a solar panel that powers the water heating system. The system does not need electricity to function, as it was designed to save energy and be ecological. It is no coincidence that the boiler is called "Time", indicating that it is time to change, that we need to open up to new horizons in the world of boilers by choosing solutions that look to the future and pollute less.

Does the future of Italtherm therefore lie in the on-going search for more environmentally friendly solutions?

The most important thing for us to work on in the future is customer loyalty. To this I would add a relentless search for quality in our products, as well as some of the other values that have always typified our company, such as transparency and honesty.

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