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Press release #4

Italtherm goes back to the past: it increases  production and returns to the older and bigger plant

Italtherm keeps on growing and goes back to the past.

Italtherm, an Italian Firm born from a previous reality with 30 years of experience that was a victim of global logics, returns to the older and bigger plant thanks to the growth of its production.

The choice to invest in high efficiency products, to sell both in Italy and foreign markets  and, above all, to safeguard jobs, has paid back so much that only after two years of activity it has been necessary to find a bigger plant, the plant closed by the previous ownership.

Now the promise is to regain soon market positions and dismissed employees.

Despite the global economic crisis is involving everybody, Italtherm has returned to the town of Pontenure, near Piacenza, where the thirty-year life of the previous business reality was interrupted, in a bigger plant able to sustain a production definitely bigger than the one realized until last summer.

This has been possible thanks to the determination of all the staff, to the engineers ability in proposing products with  low environmental impact and to the ownership behavior, that in spite of the global logics of delocalization, has decided to safeguard the employees’ job and to invest in the Green Economy.

Two years ago Italtherm didn’t exist. Its employees worked for another company, owned by a German multinational corporation that is a market leader in the heating field.

mr. Pietro Giannotta“The head office decided suddenly to close the plant and to dismiss all the employees” explains Pietro Giannotta, the commercial director. “An incomprehensible choice, if we consider the extraordinary results always reached by the  old firm. It was a painful situation, because more than 200 employees coming from the surroundings lost their job”.

mr. Paolo Mazzoni“We refused to accept these industrial global logics, because we believe that a firm is made by its employees and engineers. So we have decided to found Italtherm” says Mr. Paolo Mazzoni, the president. “We have contacted part of the old employees, created new products environmentally friendly, and took up the root again. And now we are here, to continue the work interrupted some years ago, with the production that is constantly increasing and with the aim of regain all the lost market positions and to become again what we had been for thirty years”.

the Pontenure plant

Italtherm is a young company, but with a staff having a thirty-year experience in the heating field. With its “Made in Italy” vocation, Italtherm focuses on innovation and high efficiency products.

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