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TIME, the boiler that cuts down consumptions

La nuova linea Time

Italtherm presents Time, the boiler that cuts down consumptions and increases efficiency.

The new Time can reduce energy consumptions and unhealthy emissions thanks to the Acqua Step  system and to its innovative Mixer.

Mixer is the new component that allows a power modulation up to a ratio of 1 to 10, avoiding frequent blowing outs and ignitions of the burner.

Time has been launched on the market to meet the more and more pressing need to cut down gas consumptions and pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels for the heating.

This is possible thanks to the Acqua Step system, able to pre-heat water only in the exchanger with the smallest needed quantity of gas, and, above all, thanks to the innovative combustion group with the Mixer. This new component, optimized by Italtherm R & D, allows a wide field of power modulation up to a ratio of 1 to 10 and makes our boiler perfect for nowadays modern and exigent heating systems. Besides, the Mixer avoids frequent blowing outs and ignitions of the burner, assuring an optimal management of energy resources.

Time is perfectly integrable with the Easy Solar System, for which Italtherm is the exclusive distributor in Italy. Easy Solar is the only solar thermal system fed by a photovoltaic panel  that grants its functioning with no need of electrical energy and, consequently, with zero emissions.

In winter or in cloudy days, the boiler will help the solar panel to heat water and to reach the optimal needed temperature, avoiding an excessive waste of gas and the emission of too much carbon dioxide.

Pietro Giannotta, Italthem Commercial Director, has recently declared that “Time is our new step to be in the forefront of sustainable heating systems development. It has been especially designed to contribute to gas consumption reduction when it is not possible to install systems based on renewable sources, such as solar thermal systems, but even to guarantee low consumptions and an optimal output where a solar thermal system  is installed. To wink at economy means to contribute to a lower environmental impact of our heating systems: the smaller quantity of gas we use, the smaller quantity of unhealthy emissions we produce”.


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