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The new TIME range

La nuova linea Time

Italtherm presents Time, the boiler which cuts the consumption and increases the performance of solar systems.

We are pleased to present Time, the condensing boiler that reduces energy consumption and emissions thanks to the Water Step function.

Time also can be integrated for the solar thermal system Easy Solar System, the only zero-emission solar panel on the market, allowing you to exploit the full potential in all periods of the year.

Italtherm, after bringing an innovation capacity in the field of solar thermal with Easy Solar System, takes a new step forward in the development of systems that limit the consumption and help to protect the environment.

Time is the new condensing boiler that Italtherm launches to meet the demand, more and more widespread, to cut gas consumption and pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels for heating.

This is possible thanks to the system Water Step, which serves to pre-heat only the water in the heat exchanger, using the least amount of gas possible. During periods of inactivity of the boiler, the burner will keep short-circuit temperature in the DHW exchanger in order to facilitate optimal management of energy resources.

Time can be also fully integrated with Easy Solar System, the solar thermal system exclusively sold in Italy by Italtherm. Easy Solar is the only thermal solar powered by a photovoltaic panel that ensures operation without the need to use electricity, and thus with zero emissions.

In the winter months, or days without sun, the boiler will help the solar panel to heat the water to reach the optimum temperature, without the need for an inappropriate of gas and the issue of too much carbon dioxide.

Time is available with condensing combustion, traditional combustion, and also in versions for central heating only and remote domestic hot water storage with condensing combustion and traditional combustion.


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