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Italtherm: a modern phoenix

Paolo MazzoniInterview with Mr. Mazzoni, founder and president of Italtherm srl

Dear Mr. Mazzoni, how was your company born?

Italtherm was established in February 2011.

Our field of activity is the residential heating, including independent and central systems. We offer a wide range of boilers and innovative thermal solar panels.

We have a strong and compact  team , with an high competence achieved  in several years of working experience: we can follow and complete the whole product cycle, from the research phase, to production, sale, pre and after sale support, both in Italy and abroad.

I am used to say that Italtherm is like a phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from ashes.

As you may probably know, more than 40 years ago I founded Hermann srl, a successful and representative company on the Italian market. This company was then sold to an international group, with the aim of increasing competitiveness and broadening  its export activities. However, few years later, the management decided to close the site and move production abroad.

When I was informed of this decision, my “old” team involved me in a new project and I decided to take on the  challenge: we worked all together and strongly committed ourselves and the project became ITALTHERM, a new business reality.

Your slogan is “Green Heating Technology”: how do you combine environment respect with economic saving needs?

As I said before, we produce gas boilers for residential heating: we want to do our part to build a better future, environmentally friendly. We intend to move towards a cleaner and more efficient heating, allowing considerable energy savings and cost reductions to the consumers. This is our vision and strategy, thus our company policy is clearly oriented towards products innovation and heating systems projects combining efficiency and easy installation.

Is there a product you are particularly proud of?

We are the sole distributor for Italy of Easy Solar 150, an highly innovative solar panel,  combining  energy efficiency with easy installation. In fact, being an “integrated” solar panel, with in-built water tank, there’s no need to install a tank inside the house or the apartment  and all problems of space are automatically solved.

I would also like to underline another important innovation of Easy Solar 150, unique in Italy: it doesn’t need electricity to work. The water circulator is an electric pump powered by a built-in photovoltaic  cell, therefore the panel doesn’t have to be connected to the electric system but only to a water inlet and outlet. This easy installation allows to save the electric energy, that is inevitably necessary when a traditional panel is installed.


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